Guided Fishing

Guided fishing. Learn a ton or just catch a ton- you choose the guided fishing session. Just want to show up and catch fish? We offer guided fishing around Northern Illinois and Indiana. We can offer you lakes to catch fish and take you to more of a “sure thing” OR we can take you to your favorite local pond or lake to try to unlock its secrets. Either way – you end up learning a ton. Learn More Below

Spring special when you add a second, third or fourth angler! Book online 24/7.
Book Now to reserve your weekend dates for Spring. Spaces fill quickly. Booking holds your spot giving you priority. Availability will be confirmed by phone. Printed certificate available or gifts.

Fishing Birthday Party
2 hrs starting at $195.00

Half Day Guiding / Fishing Instruction
4 hrs Base Rate for 1 $265.00 – Add Extra Person for Only $45 (discounts for 3 or more).

Full Day Guiding / Fishing Instruction
7 hrs Base Rate for 1 $425.00 – – Add Extra Person for Only $65 (discounts for 3 or more).

Extra Angler | Half Day
4 hrs SPRING SPECIAL PRICE +$45.00. $125

Extra Angler | Full Day
7 hrs SPRING SPECIAL PRICE +$65.00 $135


Guided Fishing – Learn to Catch

  • Experienced Fishing Guide – U.S.A. Fishing Team / 3x World Championships, Caught 2,011 fish in 24 hours (shore fishing record).
  • Big Fish / Lots of Fish (or combination trip).
  • All Guided Fishing Tackle Supplied
  • Super-Premium Bait Supplied
  • Customized Guided Fishing Experience to Your Likes
  • Families, Groups, Friends, Companies
  • Learning at water’s edge or in your boat.
  • No Boat Needed to Catch!
  • Gain success on your own at local ponds, lakes.

You will learn about the fishing pole and the fishing rod. Spin casting reel, floats & bobbers will be covered. Great baits that catch the most fish and biggest fish are discussed as well as two knots that are used to construct all fishing rigs. Yes we catch fish, but you can learn to catch on your own.

Weather Information for Fishing Classes: Weather

What to Bring to Classes List: Bring to Class

Fishing Tackle for Our Area: Tackle Store

Class Two (Fishing 2) teaches how to cast, detailed tips on spin casting, battling wind with floats, controlling the float with poles and handling fish. In Fishing 2, we will put together a pole float rig as well as a waggler float for spin casting.

Commonly Asked Guided Fishing – Lessons Questions:

Can you recommend a lake for us?
YES! I have a few lakes which are good for different people and different fishing experiences. I can give you choices near you- or best fishing nearer to me for adventure (and new spots).

Can You Guide at My Lake or Backyard Pond?
YES! We can explore your lake. Especially for learning as some waters do not fish great because of depth, fish make-up or other reason. Who knows, your lake might fish amazingly and be right in your back yard. For learning- it does NOT matter where we go or what we catch. If you want to catch the most or biggest fish, you may want me to pick the lake for a much better shot at fish.

I have a group of four, are there Guided Fishing Discounts?
YES! The more people you have the less the outing is. If you have company with 10 people, I can give you a corporate rate for your guided fishing outing. Each angler you add, the price per person drops.

Do You Offer a Fishing Guide Experience Out of State?
Yes! You may end up adding travel expenses to the quotation. I will go anywhere in the world – just get in touch with me regarding travel arrangements and the booking. Obviously it will be a full day or two booked and some air, lodging for the greatest corporate experience you could possibly have! I have corporate challenge games, survival games and we have a load of fun.

My Family Has All Beginners, is This Right for Me?
Yes! Yes! Most people have really bad fishing habits from bad information they got on YouTube or a tv show. The worst way you can learn to catch fish at your lake or pond (especially) is to try stuff you saw on the tv. This is true unless they were fishing your pond, odds are the fish don’t match the show. The tactics don’t match your fish population and you are out of luck. The greatest thing about a family taking a guided fishing session is that we can customize the outing to match what your family wants and I can do it on your water. Without bad habits, you will more likely listen to everything and be catching fish on your own.

The goal of hiring a fishing guide is to learn so that when you get done with the session, you can catch more fish on your own. What I teach allows every single person to catch way more than they ever have in the past. You will set your own records and also catch big fish.

Can I Catch My First Fish or Catch More Fish?

Even Better! When you hire this guide, after you will be loaded with tips, tricks, gear, baits that will catch you so many more fish – even if it is your first fish! If you want to catch 50 fish in a day, you are in the right place. Fishing I teach, demonstrate will provide you with the most action in fishing you have ever seen. Slow days fishing my gear and style will be a few fish and great days, you will set your own personal records. I teach something called speed fishing – yes, fish flying through the air, lines tight, fast bites and fast reactions. This is the least amount of waiting in all of fishing.

Can I Catch Monster Fish?

YES! Want to go after big fish. Learn tactics to catch the largest and most powerful fish in the area. Lock horns with beast fish that will bend your fishing rod, tighten your line and test your skills. Large, sport fish that possess beastly runs and line-popping moves are all around us. With an adjustment in tackle and targeting the right species for our waters, you can hook up on multiple fish between 2 lb. and 20 lb. right down the street from you. Travel a short distance and have a real outdoor adventure. Water swirling, line tight and blood pumping- I’ll show you how to setup and lure in giant fish. The gear is not very expensive and I can point you to all of it. Just book a session and say you want the Monster Fish Guided Experience.

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What Will We Catch Fish?

Several Species of Fish. The tactics I share, demonstrate and pass on are the best for catching the most and largest weight of fish in a session. You will catch several different species and we might even see 5 – 8 species of fish in our trip. Not every trip can get us in those numbers, but most every trip will see 4 species, easily. Learn tactics for catching these fish that are packed into lakes and reservoirs all around us.

Will You Teach Safe Fish Handling?

It’s A Priority. The majority of all my fishing and clients practice catch, photo and release – CPR. I have special tools for safely removing hooks from fish and even specialized hooks that prevent damage to the fish.