Fishing Outdoor Education & Montessori Programs

Bring the magic of what is happening underwater and catching fish at a local pond near you.

Students engage in our outdoor eduction and fun. We offer insights into fish, local waters and ecosystems through fishing. Your children will be immersed in pond life, identifying fish species, food chain and also fishing from colonial times to modern times.

Our unique fishing outdoor program features the safest, most-effective fishing tackle to produce the most action your children could possibly imagine. Our hands-on experience fishing of local waters near your school will be the highlight of their year.

Students will experience (depending on unit time and length):

  • Simple, Effective Fishing (that they can recreate after the class).
  • Handling Fish (if they wish)
  • Colonial – Fishing Historical Lesson
  • Insect & Worm Interaction / Identification
  • Fish Species Identification
  • Local Ecosystems & Food Chains (option)
  • Pollution & Water Tables (option)

Students will fish with tackle that features safety hooks and safety lines which greatly reduce accidental hookings, cuts and injuries – designed to break on impact for safety. They will be able to easily manage the fishing equipment and no fishing experience is necessary for them to enjoy their experience. The learning curve is the smallest of all fishing gear. We have perfected the equipment that they can enjoy and succeed with immediately.

To schedule an outdoor session, please text 630.235.2162 with your location and desired date range. We will work with you and prepare a program, costing for the session.