Fishing Movie Consultant

Fishing Movie Consultant

Fishing Movie Consultant – is essential to your fishing tv or movie project. If you are working on a fishing movie or fishing story, writing about fishing can be intimidating. The details shown and discussed in your script can make or break a good fishing scene. Most movies use the wrong fishing tackle, wrong techniques or simply position their fishing actor in the wrong way.

If you want to have an authentic period fishing piece, which is historically accurate in its fishing, you can hire me as a fishing movie or tv consultant to get your scene, just right. With a fishing movie consultant -expert, you will get it right. Millions of people are into fishing or have fished in the United States and Canada and having the accurate fishing gear, techniques, baits is key to keeping the viewer’s imagination held deeply within your movie or tv show which includes a fishing scene.

My background includes having authentic antique, vintage fishing gear and also expertise in vintage, period fishing dating from the 1600’s to present. Multiple disciplines of fishing include, live bait, pole fishing, shore fishing, bank fishing, bobber fishing expert, pole and line, salt water fishing, lure fishing, artificial bait fishing and tournament fishing. I have fished in Canada, Italy, Portugal, China, Belgium, The Bahamas, Mexico and the Untied States.

Will assist in both the script, book, screenplay, with the props team and on set to make the fishing perfect on screen. I am able to acquire vintage tackle, vintage lures and antique fishing gear to match your period as a fishing historian. Make the perfect cast in your fishing scene as I work with extras, stars and cast before and during the shoot to perfect your film creel.

Based out of Chicago, IL, I am able to fly internationally on short notice to consult, bring in fishing tackle, live bait, lures, poles, rods, reels and to make the fine tuned adjustments to your fishing scene. Get your fishing scene perfect – and print it.

I can also help with fish wrangling to ensure the fish are kept healthy and safe, before, during and after the scene. Special transportation and may be needed to ensure we can transport and keep healthy the fish for the scene. Having knowledge of fish species care is essential for bringing your fishing scene’s catch to life. I have been keeping fish for years and competition in 3 Fishing World Championships Means that I have the ability to properly handle and deliver your fish species on scene.