Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp -Johnny’s Camp

Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp is HOT

Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp - Johnny's Fishing Camp
Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp will be so exciting this Summer.

Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp - Johnny's Fishing Camp

Updates on Summer Camps
Survey results from those interested in camps show us you are ready to fish!

Fishing Camps – North, West & South Locations

Structured half-day sessions designed to launch local adventure on ponds near you. We will put our fishing up against any video game. Action, suspense, excitement and intrigue. How many species will we catch? What will they learn today. We sneak a little bit of fishing history, rig-making, fish fighting and tackle instruction into some games, lessons and team competitions that come together in the week-ending Fishing Match Championships. Our Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp will be located on three locations to serve much of the Chicago area! We are happy to announce camps in:

Arlington Heights, IL – Lake Arlington
Arlington Heights information
Lake Arlington Information

Downers Grove, IL – Barth Pond
Downers Grove Information
Barth Pond Information

Orland Hills, IL – Ashbourne Lake
Orland Hills Information
Lake Ashbourne Information

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All of our camp locations are located with as-safe fishing shore. Depth of water is maximum 1 foot at all 3 of our locations at the shoreline. Kids would have to physically walk out to deeper water – many cases 10′ off shore to get in water that (might) be over their head. These are chosen on purpose. We monitor kids and pair kids up for safety. Many times were are in team activities. Line of sight is never broken at the water. Classes are kept small so that we keep them safe. Safety hooks are employed and these hooks do little to no damage to skin as they are like needles without the hazardous barb. Hand sanitizer and natural distancing is incorporated. All children will sign a waiver and parents will fill out the health screener day of the camp to ensure the health of the group. We are an outdoors camp, parents assume the general risks of fishing, rocks and sidewalk hazards.
Please inform us at registration if children have special needs. While we accommodate most campers, we do want to make sure everyone has a great camp experience and that all campers have the ability to stay through a 1/2 day or full day camp. Ask if you have questions – please.

We will feature two camps ages 6-10 and ages 11-17 because you were split right down the middle.

We will run Fishing Camps in June, July & Early August as June and July were the most favored months.

Three camp lengths will be available to campers and families which will include the 2-Hour Action Camp, Our 4-Hour Half Day Camp as well as the Full Adventure Extreme Full-Day camps for older fishers. Costs will be between $165 and $245 and are subject to final insurance and safety costs.

Fishing Camp GEAR
All camps will feature our exclusive kid-rigged safety gear with hooks that are skin-safe and fish safe. Handling of fish will be taught to campers and incorporated by our camp staff & volunteers. Our gear is constructed and designed for fish (and human safety) and is the safest gear available anywhere! All equipment is furnished including World Record speed-fishing gear that is built to catch the most fish. Rigs are competition-grade and will be furnished by and the Chicago Fishing School. Campers are expected to set their own records for fish caught! (No outside gear allowed for camper safety).

Premium live baits that fish love will be shipped in and used during the camp! Best available on our continent for maximum fishing success. Why bother fishing with something that fish don’t crave? Seriously!

Fishing Camp RECORDS

Ready for action? Can your child reach the 50-fish patch? How about 100? No joke. In Johnny’s camp he will teach the art of speed-fishing, catching upwards of 87 fish per hour. Your child will achieve great catch numbers that you thought were not possible. Using old world methods combined with modern gear, your child will see how exciting local ponds can be. They will also be able to replicate catching on their own after the camp. (Inexpensive Catching Kits available for purchase and take-home).

Beast Fish – Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp Monsters

How about the 5 lb. Beast-Fish? Pictured is a 14.5 lb. beast from our Palos Hills locations. Can you land it? Our fishing will be loaded with action, learning, adventure and what would our fishing camp be without fish. We guarantee to send your kids home smelling like fish! Well, to be honest, we hope they use our sanitizing wipes – but with fish flying through the air they may just get a little on them. Everyone will learn the tactics and tips to lock into big fish in the ponds near their house.

Park Districts in the area – you are welcome to inquire about fishing camp for your programs. We can integrate your staff and accommodate your campers.

A big part of the goal of our Chicago Suburb Fishing Camp is to get kids to care about the local environment, waters and fish species. Focus on keeping it cleaner than when we arrived, fish care, water pollution and ecosystems explained. We’ll even talk a little about back yard environment fixes.

Pulled from a local pond at one of our class sessions. I will teach you how to catch monster fish – or MANY fish.

Camps planned include 2-hour, 4 hour (1/2 day) and 6-hour camps. We will include one teen camp in the mix. Our fishing camps are for mixed ages for kids from 6 – 16. Because the content is exciting we find that all levels have success and work together. Together we will break each kid’s record for most fish caught in a day and try to catch some beat fish – break their record for biggest fish they have ever caught.

Johnny Wilkins – USA Fishing Team, your camp director / instructor of fishing & fun.