Ice Fishing Northern Illinois

Ice Fishing Northern Illinois – a guide to help you get out and ice fish for the first time.

Ice Fishing Guide – Johnny Wilkins

Johnny Wilkins will be guiding on the ice this season and can accommodate your small group or family. Sheltered, warm fishing – I do all the work.

If you are looking to get started in ice fishing Northern Illinois, taking an experienced guide out will make your fishing trip a lot more comfortable and safe. Learning gear, setups and great ice fishing strategy will help you to have more success faster without making major mistakes or buying bad gear.

Ice Fishing Gear for Northern Illinois

Best of all, we use Gapen fishing gear, Maki Plastics. Plus, we feature Frabill Ice Fishing equipment on the ice as well as Lawrance electronics and will show you the proper setups.

Firstly, Ice Fishing Northern Illinois means navigating waters that can be a problem. Next, a newer angler can encounter ice hazards, a guide is best to take on your first trip. In addition to bad ice, open sections, springs and hazardous areas exist. Best of all, this veteran ice fisherman would know of these dangers. We will only fish safest waters using the best techniques to avoid problems.

Ice Fishing Comfort

Second, your ice fishing should be in comfortable. Make us of our warm ice fishing shelter in our Base Station fishing shelter. Fishing with us, you will be out of the wind and can even fish in shirt sleeves. Third, we provide you with the perfect fishing attire suggestions to make your day on the ice enjoyable. Also, learn how to ice fish the right way. Taking a professional guide on to the ice will save you a lot of money. We stop you not from buying equipment that you will throw away or never use. Trust me, I have been there and have learned what NOT to do on the ice.

Fourth, we have great fishing setups. Our setup is one that new anglers can copy. We will help get you ice fishing and enjoying the local outdoors. Sadly, the articles on the internet, YouTube and pro ice fishers can make things more complex for you. We simplify your ice fishing setup. Get some winter adventures locally. Get into ice fishing. We will make it easy. Ice fishing rates are 20% off of summer rates. Discounts for each person you bring with you.