What to Bring

Camera Phone

A phone is very useful to take pictures of setups and tackle demonstrated during the fishing classes. Digital camera of some type is a great way to keep some of the lessons fresh and as a reminder.


Something to drink is a great idea when outdoors. There is no other source of water or vending in the park. A container of water will be welcome when you want it.

Notebook & Pencil

You may wish to bring some notepaper and pencil to take notes. Definitely keep track of the high-level concepts. You may find that our content is well taught and easy-enough. Our fishing setups are very simple. That said, jotting down some notes so you get everything stored, is a good idea.

Good Outdoor Shoes or Boots

Have footwear that grips! Traction is important and we do walk on uneven grass which can get slippery at times. Bring shoes that are good to get dirty and that will keep you from slipping. Bad footwear includes Crocs, Flip Flops, Dress Shoes and shoes with no tread traction.

Fishing Tackle – NO

Fishing hooks from outside the class are not allowed. No fishing lures are allowed at class. We supply all the tackle and do not allow outside fishing tackle to our lesson. If you do bring anything, it can be fore after class is let out and dismissed. This is primarily for safety. Any lesson or guided fishing will have tackle supplied which is safer than outside fishing gear.

Fishing License

An Illinois fishing license is good to have. You can purchase them online at the link provided. While we have never been checked during a class, it is good to have a current license. These are not needed for children 16 and under.

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