Weather & Safety Information

Regarding weather for fishing class, we have a few rules. First, safety is our only concern when it comes to shifting our classes. While comfort of students is important, keeping the group safe is the ultimate importance. If we (Chicago Fishing School) shift classes or postpone the class, it is to keep everyone free of stress and inclement weather.

Do Not Fret the Long-Term Forecast.

This is usually inaccurate. From our years of experience, we have found that four or five days out, this day’s forecast will change. Weather shifts and moves into the other days at long-range.

The forecast we look at is the 24-hour and then the 12-hour. Classes are moved generally when there will be storms, chance of rain is 55% or higher or strong storms have been indicated. Our Downers Grove location features a Thor-Guard system which detects incoming storms and gives fair warning. We will not put a group of people in harm’s way and use our tools

Weather Cancellations

We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule classes in the event of weather changes the morning of or even during a lesson. Should a cancellation occur, credits to new classes are granted to anyone in attendance, or notified of the cancelled class. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we would rather not stand in the way of an incoming storm and stress over any person’s safety! We will notify you of cancellations the morning of the event (or try to). Please remember to check texts and emails for cancellations before traveling to the lesson site.

Outdoor Activity – the Student’s Risk

This is an outdoor activity and risks are assumed by the student. Risks of terrain, tripping, falling, leg injuries and associated fall risks are assumed by each student. If you are not comfortable or able, please do not schedule classes. Classes are held outdoors. Classes are held at the water’s edge with uneven surfaces.

The student assumes the risk of being near and around water. Chicago Fishing School picks shallow venues which are safe to prevent deep-water risks.

Insects, dogs and other animal encounters are also the risk of each student. We assume no risk for dog bites, animal attacks or insect-related injuries of any kind. Those with allergies to insects will need to have preventative measures on hand. We have no medical equipment or treatments on hand as we are not trained in the treatment of venoms, bee stings or other allergic reactions.

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