Split Shot Tips -Help With Split Shot

Split shot tips to help you fish better. This article and an instruction sheet for a split shot tool could help you with your split shot game. Whether you fly fish or float fish, split shot can help you with your rigs. So, if you want a tip or two – try these two fishing tip sheets out. As a fishing guide using split shot in competitions and setting up rigs for clients, I have learned a lot.

Split Shot Tips Article

Split Shot Tool Instructions

Our best split shot – always purchase pure, quality lead split shot. Non-lead shot is horrible to your mono line. It does not stay in place. The often-used tin weights used in “safe” or “environmental” split shots, damages the line. It is also hard as a rock and horrible to try and get on the line.

Don’t Buy Non-Toxic Split Shot!

These brands may also make the “non-toxic” brand or “environmentally safe” options – beware. They do not work well. And, they should be avoided. Use only the lead – pure products. Stay away from the No Lead Split shots! Did we mention it costs almost twice as much as good split shot?

Pure Lead Split Shot

Pure lead split shot is the only way to fish. Pure lead shot comes in these brands.

  1. Anchor Brand Split Shot
  2. Super Doux Split Shot

Split Shot Tips – Small Floats

These come in selection assortments as well as single-size split shot pots. Note that some of the split shot selections are very small. Anglers will do best with sizes .3 gr – BB split shot (.4 gr) for balancing their float rigs. These two sizes work for smaller floats.

Split Shot for Bigger Float Rigs

AAA Split shot is also a good size to have for medium and large floats. AAA size is .8 gr and for long-casting bigger floats. For nymphing and wet fly fishing, you may want the sizes that are smaller such as .10 gr and even smaller to make fine adjustments.

Good Split Shot Selections