Fishing F1 – AM September 20th – 8 AM

This fishing class is for beginners to expert-level anglers. It is an introduction and the first of a two-part class. Our fishing class – F1 will be held at 8 AM sharp on September 20th. This is the first class F1 – The second class is a double class and will finalize your lessons. This will be F23. F23 is coming up. F23 class is offered September 26th

When we meet, know that our class will be held at the rock circle and there will be a smaller class – we will allow enough space for everyone to comfortably gather without worries. Outdoor activities are essential – let’s re-gather when we are all clear and free of worry about this virus. I will miss you until then. The class will be limited to 10 people regardless of what phase we are in. THIS CLASS IS HELD IN DOWNERS GROVE – PATRIOT’S PARK (Barth Pond).

In this class you will learn about fishing poles, fishing rods, the rigs, floats, bite indicators and live baits. The first class gives you examples of good tackle and bad tackle (the kind you find hanging from most stores!). Bad fishing is NOT your fault. The stores are packed with fishing gear that does not catch fish locally OR ON VACATION. I will teach you how to catch many more and larger fish in just 2 sessions.

You may purchase a class to reserve it and place this in your notes. We will meet : 8:00 AM. – F1 Class. (class one of the two-part series). Note we will have a two-class day (long day though on September 26th.) F23 is at 10:30.

Students must reserve a spot using our class registration. Discounts given for purchasing 3 or more class passes. Add a note at Checkout for which class slot you prefer – note you can change times, with some sort of communication.

Purchase a single fishing class here – tax is included in the price for single classes.

Save 20% by purchasing multiple classes – 3 or more at a time.
Want to register several people – OR – register for all 3 classes? You can register for classes F23 coming up.

Purchase multiple fishing classes at a discount here – tax is included in the price for single classes. Discount is calculated on multiples of 3 or more. Have a large group? Call for large family or large group booking discounts. (Or Book a Private Lesson)

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Have a Groupon? Groupons are good for Fishing 1 classes (only). Register your Groupon fishing class using the above pulldown. $1 registration charge – (you will get a free fishing tool for the registration cost.). Save 30% on your Fishing 1 class. Note this is a 2-class series. You will need to purchase Fishing 23 (a double session) separately and they can be taken at any time.

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What you need for fishing classes. Camera or phone camera. A drink. That’s it. We provide everything you need for classes. Classes are good for beginners, experienced anglers and families including kids 6 and up.

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