Chicago Fishing School – “we’re why they call it catching” – not “fishing”.

Because lakes are PACKED with fish if you know just a little bit. We teach what YouTube, Big Box Stores and weekend videos CAN’T. (They all copy each other and cause you to catch little to nothing. Break from the pack and catch 50 fish or a 5 lb. fish right near your house in the local pond. Grab us for a half day, full day or have us host a fishing party for you – your catch will blow you away! Let’s get fishing

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Fishing Party

Great for adults or kids, our fishing party offers flying fish, thrills, competition or discovery for kids from 4 – 84!  Grab a group of friends or some parents and a group of kids – we supply the gear, the tips and the bait to help you see the most fish you ever have. We have hosted corporate fishing events and a ton of kids’ parties and made nearly every single person go home fishy and smiling. One scout group of 13 landed 385 fish in just 2 hours (on a horrible day in October). Our methods and gear are so good, a park district group the same size fished after us and caught ZERO. Yep, we’re good. Grab your date and book it early! Base rate and inexpensive to add more, and more fishers. We can also travel.

About our Founder

Johnny Wilkins fished in 3 World Championships for Team U.S.A. qualifying as one of the 5 best American anglers, fishing in Portugal, Belgium and Italy for the United States. Catching all species in any lake, he will teach you the direct line to catching fish. He currently holds the world record (most fish caught from shore in a 24-hour period) with 2,011 fish caught on 1 hook.

Johnny has been teaching for 20 years and has perfected the methods that get brand new fishers catching as well as disappointed veterans who get skunked. Johny will open up your world to an adventure of “catching” while others “fish”. In a 1/2-day lesson or full day, he can change local ponds into a few hours of flying fish or a trophy fish of a lifetime for you, close to your home.

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Chicago Fishing? We’re breaking all the boring and making fishing an EXTREME SPORT.  Why should fishing be boring – Chicago Fishing? You can find boring by going to Bass Pro Shops, buying a mountain of lures, six tackle boxes, a boat and electronics. We’re the opposite of a polo-shirt hobbyist standing in a box store …


Fish feed at low rates normally, with low power. many people have junky hooks, thick line that fish can’t vacuum. Watch this video and see what we mean.

Contact & Catch

Email Works Best – email Johnny ((@))
We also offer online booking to save the dates.

Phone: SixThreeZero 235-2162