July 11th Fishing 2 Class

F2 Fishing Class July 18th (note date change)

Our next classes will be on Sunday, July 18th for group classes (Fishing 2 of 2). The class will be held in Downers Grove at Patriot’s Park (Barth Pond). Fishing 2 is at 6:30 PM (Fishing 1 at 5 PM).

Class Two (Fishing 2)  Instruction 60% – Experiential 40% 
Class 2 – Fishing 2 teaches how to cast, detailed tips on spin casting, battling wind with floats, controlling the float with poles and handling fish. You will also learn to measure depth with pole and rod-reel. Setting up your float for bottom feeding fish and suspended-feeding (sight-feeders). In Fishing 2, we will put together a pole float rig as well as a waggler float for spin casting. Controlling your float rig on the water and better hooking fish. Handling fish and removing fish. Other items we will learn: making your own float rig for poles. Making a casting float rig for rod & reel setups. Working with split shot! The tools of float fishing and hooking live bait. By the end of this class you will be able to pick out the right gear, bait up and catch fish on any water in the US.

While we cover most everything, you may want to get your gear, get out and fish and then later take a private lesson to get your fishing to Awesome Adventure level. I prepare you to have true local adventures and hook up on more fish and larger fish. You should be able to out fish anyone following the F1, F2 and private lesson (along with practice). Practice local fishing closest to home and improve on your casting, hooking fish, fishing skills and take that on your vacation. If a fish fry is your goal, check your local regulations and this fishing class series will best prepare you to catch your meal.

With your fishing superpowers comes responsibility. Please, please, release the trophy-sized best fish. Keep slightly smaller fish for meals. Releasing the champion fish will improve your local waters. Take good pictures if you want to get a replica trophy made. The biggest fish have the best genes. Improve your local and vacation waters by protecting these large panfish, bass, walleye or other species. Make our waters great – release the beasts.

Students must reserve a spot using our class registration here.
Discounts given for purchasing 3 or more class passes! Yes, you can use the pass below for a F2 Fishing 2 Class and take advantage of the savings.

SPACES STILL OPEN. If you have troubles with the cart or signing up via the link below – you can TEXT 630.235.2162 with number of persons and you can pay at the event.

7/18 Fishing Class Passes

What you need for fishing classes. Camera or phone camera. A drink. That’s it. We provide everything you need for classes. Classes are good for beginners, experienced anglers and families including kids 6 and up.

You will need to purchase Fishing 2 separately from any coupons or offer sites and classes can be taken at any time.

The 2-class series will teach you about fish and how they feed. Great baits that will be revealed that can be purchased at better tackle stores. With the two fishing classes, you will catch more fish than those around you. Add a future Guided Fishing Session to take your fishing to the next level.

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