Chicago Area Trout Season

Chicago Area Trout Season is here.  Fall trout fishing starts next month in Illinois and the state is stocking about 80,000 rainbow trout to prepare for the season.
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Chicago Area Trout Season Rules!

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says the season starts Saturday, Oct. 21, at 54 ponds, lakes and streams statewide. For Chicago area trout season, there are about 8 fishing sites within a short drive of the city limits and suburbs. The department warns that any anglers who take trout from stocked areas before 5 a.m. on the day the season opens will be issued citations. Anglers who take more than 5 trout within get Chicago area trout season lakes, will be watched, ticketed and fined. Fines can go higher than $125 per fish so having a license and trout stamp is important to save you a lot of money.
Chicago Area Trout Season Draws a Crowd
Fishing during the Chicago Area Trout Season  can be crowded- but fun.


Anglers need a valid fishing license and an inland trout stamp to participate unless they are under age 16, blind, disabled or on active-duty leave from the military.

The daily catch limit for each angler is five trout. Anglers may Not catch fish and transfer to car to catch more – you are being watched at sites by Forest Preserve Police. 5 per DAY. Follow the rules if you are fishing anywhere near Chicago because the Forest Preserve and County officers will be concentrated on these few locations. The Fall & Spring Chicago Area Trout Seasons are the highest ticketed weeks of the year. Break the rules – you will pay on these days more than anytime during the year.

Chicago Area Trout Season – Fall 2017

Get your resident or non-resident fishing licenses and your inland trout fishing stamp at the Illinois DNR Online License Site

Separately, the state is holding a fall catch-and-release trout fly-fishing season at nine sites on Oct. 7. No trout may be kept that day.