Private Fishing Lessons

We host your Private fishing Lesson and customize them to match exactly what you want to your ability. From beginner to tournament angler, there is plenty to be learned to catch you more fish, hook up on bigger fish and to enjoy the outdoors. Some additional costs may apply for extra travel, special baits or special private sessions.

Private Fishing Lesson/Guiding  Prices 2018
Base Price $265  ( Half Day – 4 Hours)
Additional Persons Add $35 ea.

2 People – Private Fishing Lessons for Half Day $300
2 People – Private Fishing Lessons for Full Day $475

Base Price $425 (Full Day – 7 hours)
Additional Persons Add $55 ea.


Private fishing lessons are done more at a lake you choose or custom-designed for you.  We can teach you specific gear and tactics that will work on a lake near you, target species you want or give you superpowers at your vacation lake waters. Since it is custom-designed and we travel to a pond near you – or we pick a pond for you, there is a little bit of pre-planning work that goes into it.

Regardless of which you choose – know that we ship in the most-fresh bait – better than any bait you can get! We use top-level competition gear and custom-rigged equipment with premium hooks and leaders – the best anywhere!

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Guided fishing is the same pricing structure. If you do not wish to learn as much, but just want to show up and catch fish – we do that also! Hook, Play, Catch a lot of fish – we supply all the tackle, baits and assistance to catch the most fish you possibly can and we can also go after big fish on the same trip! Your choice – just look for fishing action or try to soak up as much learning as you can with a fishing expert by your side. Be sure to bring the camera!


To compare the costs of lessons – there are two ways to learn to really catch fish through our school. Our 3-lesson F-Series (F1, F2 & F3 Classes are :90 min. each). The cost for 1 person for the 3 lessons combined is $117 (3 x $39). These are taken 1 at a time in most cases over the course of a few weeks or a month. After the 3-class series, you will catch more fish than those around you and bigger fish. You know all the equipment knots and bait to go out on your own and score fish!

Compare Private Fishing Lesson for 3 People to Group Lessons:

3 people – Group Lessons $351 (3-:90-minute sessions each – but discounts are available) That is 4.5 hours of instruction!!

3 people – Private Guiding/Lesson $335 (4 – hour session)

Private fishing lesson and group lessons are BOTH great routes to take in learning to fish. Choose EITHER and you will be so happy. Another route we recommend is to take the 3-course series FIRST, then go practice. After you have been out a few times, take a private lesson to really get all your questions answered and to really fine-tune your fish-catching. Everyone fishing near you will be jealous! Ask any of our students.   : )