Muskie Pike Fishing Class

Muskie Pike Fishing Class

Want to get in a Muskie Pike Fishing Class? Do you vacation where the big toothy beasts live? Why not learn how to fish for these aggressive fish in our Muskie Pike Fishing Class. You can fish a few places in Illinois only  an hour from Chicago and then really go after a hog muskie or pike when you go up North.

Muskie Pike Fishing Class Chicago | Muskie Class

In our muskie pike fishing class you will learn the type of equipment you need and how to use it. You will get a look into the specialized lure types that attract and cause the fish to strike. Your teacher is an experienced muskie pike fishing class instructor. Instead of trying to experiment, learn from someone who has several years of experience on the water hunting muskie & pike.

Muskie  and Pike Fishing class is taught on Busse Lake – which now features muskies up to 40″. This is one of several places you can fish for muskie in the state of Illinois – and it is in Cook County! Did you know there is another big pike lake just North of Cook County? Learn tips, tricks, the different lure types and the tackle you need to catch muskie & pike. Interact with an experienced muskie & pike fishing guide and ask questions about your lake, boats and more.

The fishing class is 1.5 hours long and worth every penny. Sign up early as classes fill up fast. Sign up for your Muskie Pike Fishing Class Here  

Sign-up will be live soon! Our next muskie class is:
MP1 – Oct. 8th call 630.235.2162 if you are interested in attending.
Busse Lake – Elk Grove Village in the morning.

Fishing for muskie (muskellunge) or pike (northern pike) offers a great challenge, a lot of sport and the thrill of beast fish hooked up on fishing tackle. When hooked, these giant toothy fish are known for their powerful fight, elusive blasts of speed and also for leaping out of the water when hooked. In order to do well with these fish, some tips and tricks are essential to help land them and also keep you safe! Both fish have mouths filled with sharp teeth.