Monster Fish Class – July 28th

Monster Fish Class – Cats & Carps

Sunday Evening (July 28th) – Downers Grove Monster Fish 5:30 p.m.
Learn about hooking into the area’s biggest and strongest fish from shore with killer tactics designed for massive hook-ups and epic battles.

No fishing gear for any of our sessions. Bring a phone (for the camera) and / or a notepad.

Registration Now Open

July 28th Monster Fish Registration

Hook the biggest, most powerful fish in our local ponds! Two sessions to choose from morning or afternoon. Class is 2 hours long and teaches you everything you need to know on how to hook the biggest, baddest fish swimming in our region’s ponds and streams. Learn 3 methods including the 42′ pole! (Not a typo – students will get to hold the 42 foot fishing pole). Learn long-casting power rod method and the absolute best method for catching with rod & reel – float fishing for monster fish.

Much more powerful than the dinky largemouth bass in our area – you will not be chasing after 14″ minnows. Instead, catch 4 lb. – 24 lb. fish in our ponds! You would be surprised at how many large fish you can hook into if you use the correct methods. Class taught by U.S.A. Fishing Team member Johnny Wilkins.

All you need to know to catch fish on your own. Learn, rods, reels, hooks, knots, floats, float fishing setups and even a little pole fishing (competition pole). If you are in luck, we will get to hook up and play a couple of monster fish. Stick around after class and fish a little longer. Classes run 2 hours with the extra fishing portion – if light allows…

** Note – monster fish are elusive and with larger groups, movement on shore and noises- these fish may or may not be present at time of class.  We also note- that if we are playing and landing fish – the teaching of all the details and components can be hard (when people are staring at fish and bent rods).

This is a one-class session where we get you set with a couple knots, some simple tools, inexpensive equipment that rocks!! Who knows, you might even see the line strip off or a massive swirl of the Monster Fish!

July 28th Monster Fish Registration