Learn to Fish Videos

Learn to Fish Videos @ChicagoFishing Chicago Fishing has a You Tube channel. You should be following us for new video announcements and great fishing lessons, tips and tricks. Get your learn to Fish Videos right on our channel. Here is one of our videos that shows the best tool for removing fish that have swelled the hook like bluegill, trout, crappie and perch. This simple tool will help you save the fish and also get your hook back. This is an example of videos there soon-to-come.

In the past we created a blog and have over 100 episodes. Our rigs, diagrams and demonstrations are better suited for learn to fish videos. You asked for it- you go it. This Spring look for videos to be posted.

Our Current Videos include:

Removing Hooks – Saving Deep-Hooked Fish

How Fish Feed – Hydrodynamics

What is Match Fishing (live bait fishing from shore)

If you follow us, you will be notified every time we add new learn to fish content. Our first few videos will include:

  • Learn to Fish
  • Catch More
  • Finding Good Fishing Spots – Portable Electronics
  • Great Fishing Baits
  • Cheap & Awesome Fishing Rig
  • Ultimate Shore Fishing Setup
  • SpeedFishing (catching lots)
  • Balancing a Float at home
  • Great Electronics for Renting a Boat!
  • Mapping Shoreline With Portable Electronics
  • Using Your Cell Phone to Catch More Fish
  • Tying Your Own Leaders

If you are into fishing, want to learn and have experience shooting videos, we want to partner with you. We have fishing adventures to go on, and want to take you with. Join us and shoot short educational video segments. We will shoot 2 or 3 videos in one session which will be 8 – 15 minutes in length.

Contact Johnny @ 630.235.2162 if you are interested in shooting awesome fishing videos and want to partner up. The videos will also be made into a video learning series so there is a chance to earn some money as we grow the learn to fish video library. Royalties, fishing tackle discounts and ad revenue share from YouTube available once we complete video shoots.