Next Class September 19th

Fishing Class – September 19th

Take a fishing class – and see just how many and how much bigger fish you can catch! You would be shocked at how you can improve your fishing. Fishing class that we offer is built for all levels of fisher. Beginner to expert fisher, you will learn so much and improve your fishing – no matter your experience. Ages 6 and up can take a fishing class with the Chicago Fishing School and our expert instructors.

Next Chicago Area fishing class – TUESDAY – September 19th.
Registration is open and can you register here using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


The class all about fishing the October + April inland trout stocking seasons.

Register for Chicago Fishing School classes here:

Classes will be taught by U.S.A. Fishing Team member Johnny Wilkins. Our 3-class series F1 – F3 is for all levels! The system you will learn is easy for anyone to learn and will help you catch so many more fish. Enjoy the sport, spend less money and fish close to home. You will also enjoy your vacation fishing so much more! We teach inexpensive, easy-to use system that fish can’t ignore. Say goodbye to piles and piles of equipment you don’t use and save a lot of money. Discover great fishing with this system all around Chicago.

Note- You can take all 3 classes on the same day – August 19th! This will include a shopping hour also following the F2 class – where you can get help picking out rods, reels, tackle and save 10%!!

Mark your calendars, Save the Dates (bold classes – register now)

F1 Fishing Class – Sept. 19th (6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.) ( Lee’s Bait & Tackle)
F2 Fishing Class – Sept. 20th (6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.) ( Lee’s Bait & Tackle)
• Monster Fish Class – Sept. 25 (5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.) – Lake Opeka – DesPlaines
F3 Fishing Class – Sept. 26th (5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.) -Lake Opeka – DesPlaines

Registration Opens Soon for October Classes:
• Trout Fishing Class – Oct. 11th (5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. – Lake Opeka – DesPlaines
• F1 Fishing Class – Oct. 17th (6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.) ( Lee’s Bait & Tackle)
• Bass Class B1, B2 (2-class series) B1 – Oct., 8th, B1,
B2 – Oct. 14th
• Muskie Pike Class MP1 Oct. 8th
• Monster Fish Class – Carps & Cats MF1 Oct. 8, Oct. 23

Directions to F3 Fishing Class:
42.016869,-88.018333 are the GPS coordinates…
South Pool of Busse Woods – 1st parking spaces when you see the water) The entrance is of the road right by Alexian Brothers Hospital – Beisner Road Entrance off of Biesterfield – take Beisner road to first entrance on left – take that to first parking spaces on left. Water and class is on your left.

Your Instructor is World Class 
3-Time U.S. Open Fishing Medalist, 3-Time World Championships (Team U.S.A.) competition specialist. Johnny will use his experience from traveling the World and competing in bank fishing competitions to help you jump-start your fish catching. Not just your fishing, but he will immediately put you on catching – something books, videos, tackle stores & “Pros” neglect to do. They do a great job of making you buy lures – Johnny will help you gear up with fish-catching equipment (NOT LURES).

The fishing experience learned in 10 years of fishing highest level competitions will help your shore and boat fishing – no matter your level of experience.  He teaches you how to get simple, inexpensive gear and how to out-catch others with many more years of experience.

Our fishing class series is built to make sure that you can catch fish on your own and build your own fishing equipment. If you take a fishing class with us at our Lee’s Bait & Tackle location – you can hang around some classes after and we will help you pick out items you need. You will also save 10% off your fishing equipment purchase with any fishing class.

We hold our fishing class series indoors for a good portion of the lessons so that everyone can focus on learning to catch fish. Outdoors we have a lot of distractions and – if we were to fish, the fish themselves would be a distraction. Just trying to focus on the gear while catching would be too much.

Fishing Class – We’ve Taught for Over 10 Years

After over 10 years of teaching classes we have the best fishing class you can buy at a massive value. Not only are the classes inexpensive, but knowing what equipment to buy and how to set up your gear to catch- and have a ton of fun. Within each fishing class, you will learn the knots you need, the line you should use and the best gear you can buy (and best bargains). By getting expert advice, you will eliminate purchasing piles of fishing equipment that you might not use or that won’t catch.

Fishing stores are filled with equipment that might work nationally – but doesn’t help you here – or on tougher fishing waters. The waters of Chicago are more challenging and require gear to match the conditions. By simply selecting the gear to match local fish – you will open up local waters to your brand new fishing adventures. Our waters ARE filled with lots of fish and also big fish. Unfortunately – our fish don’t match what you might see on tv or on YouTube. Using the experience of the school’s founder – Johnny Wilkins and his competition fishing internationally – you go from new to successful.  Immediately start catching more and larger fish.

Students Love our Fishing Class Series

Our students consistently send us photos of their catches and even have big catches on their first time out. Our fishing class has been modified to make certain that our excellent fish-catching system is fully understood from top to bottom. The confidence you leave with from our fishing class – will also help you to score fish.

Our local ponds and lakes are empty most weekends, because many don’t know how to fish or what gear to use. You won’t need a boat – you can catch a lot from shore! You will need a camera, and a camera helper – or someone to shoot the pics. The downside of our fishing class is that your hands will be busy – handling fish!! See you at the next fishing class.