Fishing Classes

Our Chicago-based fishing school offers fishing classes to help new and experienced fishers – catch more fish (and bigger fish). Experienced instructor teaches new, easy-to-learn system for brand new to older anglers and will improve your fishing no matter your experience.

The easy 3-class system gets you up and catching FAST. Learn inexpensive tackle and buy exactly what you need saving you $100’s and cutting down on fishless time on the water. Classes cost $39 ea. class and you can take classes F1, F2 & F3 as your schedule allows. We offer them rotating on the weekends during  Summer.  1st classes are indoors.

August Class Schedule:

• Northern Pike, Muskie & Bass Class (TBD)

• F1 Fishing Class – August 19th (register now)

Registration Open for:
• F1 Fishing Class – August 19th
• F2 Fishing Class – August 19th
• F3 Fishing Class – August 19th

F1, F2 Classes:

Place: Lee’s Bait & Tackle – Elk Grove Village
23 S Arlington Heights Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
August  19th 
F1 Fishing Class at 9:00 a.m.
16 spaces available. Purchase your class – or scroll down for all pre-paid, coupon or certificate registrations
(August 19th** – students can join us for free tackle shopping and save 10% on tackle. Get help picking out perfect tackle for you at a discount.)

Purchase F1 Fishing Class – Single Student Pass $39:

F2 Fishing Class Registration – August 19th F2  Single Student Pass $39:
(Coupons – certificates not accepted for F2, F3 classes – without approval)

F3 Fishing Class Registration – August 19th F3  Single Student Pass $39:
(Coupons – certificates not accepted for F2, F3 classes – without approval)

REGISTERING WITH A COUPON or PRE-PAID CERTiFICATE? $1.10 charge Yes- there is a charge. BUT- we give you much-needed fishing tool w/purchase.  You will receive a free hook remover (and – you will need it to remove one of many fish you will now catch). Hook ninjas will be given out in class for this registration! When you receive your email confirmation – please reply back with a certificate code. Have multiple people coming – only one registration is needed! Also – drop us a note if you do – or if you need help.
Coupons & Certificates are good for the F1 Class only. If you have one – register here for the F1 class on the 19th.
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