Fishing Classes

Our Chicago-based fishing school offers fishing classes to help new and experienced fishers – catch more fish (and bigger fish). Experienced instructor teaches new, easy-to-learn system for brand new to older anglers and will improve your fishing no matter your experience.

The easy 3-class system gets you up and catching FAST. Learn inexpensive tackle and buy exactly what you need saving you $100’s and cutting down on fishless time on the water. Classes cost $39 ea. and you can take classes F1, F2 & F3 as your schedule allows. We offer them rotating on the weekends during Spring and Summer.  1st classes are indoors.

New classes will be posted on line including:
Place: Lee’s Bait & Tackle – Elk Grove Village

April 30th**,  F1 Fishing Class at 3:30 p.m.
(April 30th** – students can join us for free tackle shopping and save 10% on tackle. Get help picking out perfect tackle for you at a discount.)

To get on the list – call 630.235.2162 and leave an email. We will notify you when the online booking is available (April 18th). Sorry, we made the blunder of scheduling classes on Easter Sunday – we won’t hold classes on a day most spend with families – but will resume on April 30th.