Fishing Class

About Our Fishing Class

Our Chicago-based fishing class offer fishing lessons to help new and experienced fishers – catch more fish (and bigger fish). Experienced instructors teach new, easy-to-learn system for brand new to older anglers and will improve your fishing no matter your experience.

The Chicago Fishing School has been teaching kids, families and adults to catch more and larger fish since 1999. We can work with you to help you enjoy adventures in fishing ANYWHERE! Group Lessons, Private Lessons, Private Guided Fishing & Kids Fishing Camps  along with our famous Kids Fishing Parties. New this Winter – ICE FISHING! We’ll take you out and haul fish through holes with you. 630.235.2162

Fishing Class

Our fishing class show you tackle, knots, tactics and control you will need to catch more fish.  Classes have material for experienced and beginner fishers who have never touched a rod (or pole). Do you know the difference between a rod & pole? You don’t need to – we’ll teach you and open up a world of awesome fishing for you. Kids 6 and up are welcome to attend our fishing classes. Sign up for Our Classes and see the Fishing Class Schedule

Our secret? The courses are designed by USA Fishing Team member Johny Wilkins – who teaches most of the classes. He has appeared in 3 World Championships (Portugal ’07, Belgium ’09, Italy ’11). The content taught in the F-Series class is custom-designed to teach you quickly all you need to know to out-catch everyone around you in just 3 easy classes. While we offer species classes like bass, trout & pike/walleye – our F-Series is the class everyone needs to take. Our classes help you catch fish RIGHT AROUND CHICAGO! We teach you methods that work when the fishing is the worst and that work best in really cold water. You can’t find this on TV, YouTube, in tackle stores or books. Our course works – easy, fast and cheap.

Fishing Class FAQ Anwers

Our Fishing Class Details:
Our F Series Fishing Class offers classroom, hands-on and then water’s edge instruction to teach you EVERYTHING you need to start catching fish on your own after just three lessons. For experienced and beginner anglers alike. We will teach you the best TWO setups to catch multi-species fish everywhere.

3 Short Classes
Classes are :90 minutes long each and there are three (3) fishing classes to complete our series. You may take these 3 classes spaced apart on your own schedule or can take a couple classes on the same day. Our first 2 classes are inside.

Help Picking Out Fishing Tackle
IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING Rod or REEL – WAIT UNTIL YOU TAKE THE CLASS! We can get you 10% discount and expert help.
We will offer you personalized fishing tackle shopping help to get all the pieces you need to catch fish. We walk you around the store and hand-pick the parts and pieces. You can buy some or all of the setup. Our entire setup can be purchased for under $120 – $160 so we don’t advocate purchasing expensive equipment! Reasonable- priced fishing tackle, rod, reel and / or pole. You can purchase part or all of the setup and in many cases you can use some equipment you already purchased.

Who is This Good For?
Novice- to – Expert. The information we teach is advanced and also simple. What we teach can’t be found ANYWHERE online or from others! The same system used to compete in national and World Championship fishing events will be taught to you – and it catches the most and largest fish. This lesson is good for kids from 5 – 85! You can’t be too experienced to learn from this class series. You can search YouTube, Google, Outdoors Network, Field & Stream and Midwest Outdoors (well we do write articles for Midwest Outdoors) – and you won’t be able to put together the fish-catching system we will teach you in just three lessons.

How Will I Learn?
Hands-On – Lessons, demonstrations, examples, a bit of fishing history and background as well as fishing video and lecture. Questions & Answers along with you working rod & reel in lesson 3 (where we put it all together on the water) all work to get you catching.

What Will I Learn?
Rod & Reel – Spinning techniques, equipment and setup along with a Pole-fishing setup.  You will learn to build your own fishing rig, two key knots, float fishing and live bait fishing to get you catching RIGHT AWAY. You will also learn to remove fish from the hook with a special tool to keep fish from getting hurt (and to get your hook back)! This thing is magic.

A Few Good Fishing Spots
We’ll give you a few spots to practice! Great fishing spots for different species to get you started will be shared.

Do I Need A Boat?
NO WAY! Our system gets you catching fish from shore (or boat). You may even out fish most people in the boat out in front of you the next time you go. Our instructor used to embarrass the same boat full of people every Spring and Fall by catching fish right next to their boat! The boat tried to move in on the “hot spot” – the only secret about the spot was that a member of the U.S.A. Fishing Team was fishing it – and he had a much better fishing rig, better bait and more experience. This experience will be passed on to you.

Private Fishing Class
Want to take your learning to the max? After taking the three class series, you can hire our instructor to teach you even more, tune up your fishing and to make sure you are fishing strong! See our private fishing class or guided fishing page to get more information. Our classes are group classes, but you are welcome to hire our private teacher who will come to your lake, pond or the nearest public pond where you want to learn.