Winter Fishing Class

Did you miss out last season or want to get an early jump on the 2017 fishing season? The Chicago Fishing School will be offering winter fishing classes to get you set to catch this Spring! Classes start in March and are mostly held indoors where we can learn in warm conditions. Our class takes place in Elk Grove Village. ┬áTo get in on these classes – call 630.235.2162.

You will learn:

  • Catching More Fish
  • Catching Larger Fish
  • Fishing Setups (Rigs)
  • Fishing Tackle (Note – we offer a free tackle shopping session and fishing tackle discount!).
  • Casting
  • Speedfishing
  • PowerFishing
  • What NOT to buy. (Taking this class will save you $100s of dollars and tons of lost time).
  • Learn why you are not catching fish
  • Inexpensive and awesome fishing gear (None of our equipment is expensive or cost-prohibitive!).

Ice Fishing?

If you are interested in trying ice fishing – you can book a session on the ice. All gear is supplied (except for warm boots). We’ll drill the holes, show up with gear and even a warm place to fish! Shelter provided along with great fishing gear (pro ice fishing rods) and all the excitement of pulling fish through a hole in the ice.

We have select ultra-safe lakes and only go when conditions are completely safe for us as a group.

Our warm hut even comes with a floor to keep your feet warm. We will fish in a 55 degree environment on most days. Groups up to 3 can book a trip with us. Larger groups can participate but will need to share the warming house and fish outside. Call 630.235.2162 to book an ice fishing trip around the Chicago suburbs.