Hello Chicago!

We’re breaking all the boring and making fishing an EXTREME SPORT.

Why should fishing be boring? You can find boring by going to Bass Pro Shops, buying a mountain of lures, six tackle boxes, a boat and electronics. We’re the opposite of a polo-shirt hobbyist standing in a box store – Johnny’s got the goods. (You see, just because they have a big box logo and shirt, just means they like to talk fishing).

Trained to go to a water’s edge, in one spot, Johnny has fished all over the world for different fish species. His competitions require that he is able to adjust gear, find the depth and deliver bait to catch fish. Any species that is in front of him – on the clock. In these competitions, he doesn’t get electronics, he has to stay in one spot and use one hook.

Would you like to be able to go down to the local pond or reservoir near your house and catch 20 fish without even trying too much? How would you like to tie into some 5 – 13 lb. fish on a regular basis. Get rid of the drives to exotic places. Ditch the nerds in the isles of fishing tackle stores and get ready to take some pictures, break some lines and fill some landing nets. Get ready for flying fish.